Beyond Backup & Disaster Recovery ...
...and into Business Continuity

Sometimes our problem is not that we have the wrong answers.Sometimes our problem is that we don’t have the right questions.

Which question is more essential:

“Is my data backed up?” or

“Can my data be quickly restored in the event of a disaster?”

Clearly the first question isn’t enough. The best backup plan in the world isn’t valuable if it can’t be tapped to quickly restore that data when disaster strikes.

Business Continuity is the term we like to use when helping our clients create a BDR plan. We want your business to continue its processes and its revenue generation in the midst of any data loss.

The landscape of options for backup and disaster recovery plans is huge. To help you sift through all these options and make smart decisions, we’ve created a free report, “12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backup, Security, And Disaster Recovery.” You can download the report by filling out the short form to your right.

“Holston IT Saved the Day!”

Pam Phillips

In June 2012, we were having a computer emergency: we had lost a large amount of sensitive data. We were desperately looking for a company who could recover it.

An old friend recommended that I call Holston IT, and I am so glad I did. Logan listened to all my concerns and evaluated our network. Then he said, “We are going to get that data back, if I have to work all weekend to do it.” That is exactly what he did: he worked through the weekend. But at the end of it all, we had our data secure again. Holston IT truly saved the day for us!

Since then, we have been a happy Holston IT client. I know that our network is now secure and dependable. The Holston IT team is our trusted business partner, and I confidently recommend their services to other business owners.”

—Pam Phillips, Owner, Tri-City Aviation
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