Our Clients

“Holston IT Catches Problems Early and Responds Quickly!”

Pamela Myers, MD,
Highlands Pediatrics

We are so happy now that Holston IT is taking care of our network. The Holston IT team has been so responsive, we are just delighted. Before working with them, we had frequent IT problems. Now, we have no issues. I cannot say enough great things about them: they catch problems early and respond to us quickly.

Holston IT took the time to assess our needs. They recommended proper coverage without insisting on unnecessary add-ons. I appreciate that they did not just offer us a cookie-cutter solution but instead something that was unique to our configuration and needs.

Protecting our patient information and ensuring that our computers are up and running efficiently is essential. With the Holston IT team managing this for us, we are free to focus on serving our patients. They provide the security we need and take the hassle out of our computers!

“Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks! ”

Todd Peak, Owner,
Lighthouse Supply

“Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks!”

Technology is essential to our day-to-day operations. Everyone on our team needs to access the company files at the same time. Of course, when I started my career, “company files” referred to papers sorted into tall metal cabinets. But none of us live in that world any more. Now we all rely on electronic files, which must be accurate and updated in real time. For us, this includes inventory records, customer information, vendor information, and databases which support to our online store.

Before we started working with Holston IT, our computers were a frequent cause of frustration. When our technology wasn’t working, we’d ask, “How do we get this fixed? Can we just band-aid things together so that they get working?” This approach was not effective, needless to say.Read More

“Lightning-Fast Support and Easy HIPAA Compliance from a Friendly Team”

We trust Holston IT for our cybersecurity and compliance needs!

Connie May, Business Manager,
Abingdon Radiology

“We trust Holston IT for our cybersecurity and compliance needs!”

We have been a Holston IT client since 2009. We first called them because there were a few small things that we didn’t know how to fix, but today they are doing much more. Their “Hassle-Free HIPAA” services are truly a life-saver—so essential to helping us comply with the law and keep our data secure. Holston IT managed our server migration, they provide secure email . . . the list of what they do for us could go on and on.

Working with Holston IT isn’t so much a cost as a necessity—a necessary investment that improves our productivity, increases our security, and takes away the hassle so we can focus on serving our patients! Read More

“HIPAA Compliance, Reliable Backups, and Fast Response to All Our Needs”

HIPAA Compliance, Reliable Backups, and Fast Response to All Our Needs

Kim Hilton, Practice Manager,
Bristol Anesthesia Services,PC

“Holston IT keeps our network secure and takes the hassle out of HIPAA Compliance!”

The response time of the Holston IT team is somewhere between immediate and right away—we are very pleased with how quickly they resolve any issues we are having.

An efficient and reliable computer network is essential to our business success. Also, we must be sure we have reliable backup copies of our critical data. The peace of mind I have from knowing our backups and network are secure is priceless.

Holston IT has an easy-to-use, affordable, and comprehensive solution for addressing HIPAA Compliance. We are very serious about protecting the privacy of our patients, and thankful to have Holston IT helping us maintain the high security we require.

If your computers hold sensitive data, or if they are essential to your day-to-day work, you won’t find a better business partner than Holston IT. Besides being great at what they do, they’re also friendly and professional. They take the hassle out of Information Technology! Read More

“Holston IT: The Technology Experts!”

HIPAA Compliance, Reliable Backups, and Fast Response to All Our Needs

Brad Jenkins,
Executive Director, MRSHC

“We trust the technology experts of Holston IT to keep our network secure and running smoothly.”

In 2016, we received a grant to upgrade our technology. We looked for a partner to help us invest those funds wisely, and we’re so glad we found Holston IT.

Installing the new equipment was pleasant and low-stress. The Holston IT team, especially Logan, patiently worked with each person and each computer until all was running smoothly.

If we do have issues, we just call Holston IT. They either give us an answer over the phone, or remote in and fix things quickly. I’ve had no performance issues with my computer; it runs the same every day.

I trust Holston IT to be the technology experts, looking out for our best interests. Read More

“A Knowledgeable Staff and Excellent Service!”


I’m always impressed with the knowledgeable staff at Holston IT and grateful for all the helpful information that they have shared with me. We are always happy with the service that we receive from Holston IT.

Clare Snyder Branch
Office Manager
Dr. Matthew Snyder DDS

“Personal Communication and Fast Response from an Amazing Team of Geeks”


Since 2015, Holston IT has been taking all the hassle out of our Information Technology. They are always available for any of our needs. They are a very knowledgeable and competent company.

The quality I most appreciate about Holston IT, which differentiates them from other options, is their ability to provide fast person-to-person communication. We always communicate with their technical team live. We don’t have to leave messages and wait for a response.

If you are a busy CEO looking to outsource your technology needs, I highly recommend Holston IT. It is definitely worth it. If they do not know the answer right away, they will get back very quickly with the answer. This is very important to a company, especially if you are down and unable to work because of a problem.

At Zenith Fuel Systems, our team is focused on engineering and manufacturing the world’s most efficient fuel delivery systems for industrial engine applications. We relentlessly promote both a responsive approach toward our customers and an uncompromising commitment to quality. We use our computers all day long to reach these goals efficiently. Our network simply must be secure and reliable, so that we can serve our customers.

With Holston IT as your partner, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue due to your network being down. Instead, you can focus on running your business while this amazing team of geeks makes sure your computers are always secure and working.

Lisa Phillips
Accounting Administrator
Zenith Fuel Systems


I am so pleased with Holston IT’s excellent service! Their team members are experts at solving whatever technology problem I have. They show up on time, fix things fast, and are very polite and fun to be with too. Because of their service, my computer is running faster, and I am getting more work done. If you ever need help with your computers, I recommend Holston IT!

Phil Hamilton
Hamilton Insurance Agency


We have been a Holston IT client since early 2017. They have consistently provided prompt service from a professional team. If I have any question—about our WiFi, computers, even our smartphones, I just ask. I get helpful answers at lightning speed.

I don’t want to have to learn the details of why or how our technology works. We outsource that responsibility to Holston IT so that I am free to focus on managing the premier senior living community in Southwest Virginia. Keeping our network running fast and smoothly and securing the data of our residents are critical to our business, and I know we can trust the Holston IT team for that.

If you are a busy business owner looking for a competent team of geeks to be your partner as you navigate the complexities of technology, I recommend Holston IT!

Hillary Akers
Executive Director
Oakmont at Gordon Park

"Holston IT is One of the Best Business Decisions We’ve Made!"


Our time with Holston IT has been excellent. The switch from our previous IT people was very smooth and uneventful. If we ever have a glitch, which has been very few, the Holston IT team is available and ready to help at a moment’s notice.

All are very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant to deal with. I can't say enough good things about AJ . . . he is our man! No matter the problem, he is with us until it is fixed properly. Switching to Holston IT is one of the best business decisions our practice has made.

Cathy Cale
Office Manager
Gates Dentistry

"Outstanding Service and Fast Response"


While parting ways from our former IT company, we had a need to reconfigure our server. We contacted Holston IT to explain our needs, and they were able to provide the reconfiguration that weekend. There were unexpected issues with the reconfiguration, yet Holston IT worked extended hours that weekend to find a solution, while charging no extra fees. We arrived at the office the following Monday to find everything operating as expected. Performance was increased and our staff experienced no downtime.

Additionally, Holston IT is very timely in their response. Most all issues are addressed by a tech within an hour.

Mike Albano
Albano & Associates P.L.C.

"Finally, I Can go on Vacation without Calls From the Office!"


We were in a situation where we were not getting responsive answers from our IT support team and, many times, fixing one problem would break something else. We were very frustrated and experiencing down-time that could have been prevented.

We contracted with Holston IT in March 2017. From the start, they were extremely responsive to our needs. They addressed the items that were causing the biggest issues and then began to work on the less critical items. The transition was easy and allowed me to gain back precious time to handle other requirements in our practice.

Our staff, in all three of our offices, has given me positive feedback about the technicians they speak to on the phone and those who come on-site to address issues. Holston IT is proactive and offers us solutions to potential problems before we experience down-time. I knew, when I was able to take a week vacation with no calls from the office complaining of system problems, we had a good partner for our IT needs.

Lynda Helton
Eye Physicians of Southwest Virginia

"Best and Fastest Service You’ll Ever Receive!"


The Holston IT team provides the best, most professional, and quick service you will ever receive. They completely take care of our network security so that we can focus on serving our patients.

At Falls Plaza Hearing Center, we provide the most cutting edge level of hearing aid technology while establishing personalized long term relationships with each person who comes under our care. Our philosophy is that hearing aid care does not end when hearing aids are fit but actually begins. Patients require the most attention after their hearing aids are fitted. It is this philosophy that insures success and longtime satisfaction for our patients.

I’m so glad I changed from my old computer person to Holston IT. Now, things get down on time and they get done correctly!

Michael R. Valenza, Au.D., CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology, Owner
Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing Center

"A Pleasure to Work With—5 Stars!”


Kintronic Labs is a global leader of radio broadcast antenna systems. We have established a worldwide reputation for top quality products and innovative technical support. Our computer network, is, of course, critical to our business.

We have been a Holston IT client since 2014, and their team has been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and cost aware while staying on top of arising issues. We highly recommend Holston IT—5 Stars!

Gwen King
Vice President
Kintronic Labs

"IT is now a Leverage to Help Us Grow Our Business"


We've been so happy since we switched to Holston IT. We have no complaints. With our previous service provider, we'd sometimes have to call 2-3 times just to get them to respond. With Holston IT, sometimes they stop by just to check on something, without us even calling! Their service is way above what we had experienced in the past.

What I value about our partnership is that I know their team is taking care of the security and reliability that we must have on our computers. Because of this, my mind is free to focus on running our business and providing great service to our own customers. Technology is no longer a frustrating distraction but a true leverage to help us grow our business.

If you are a busy business owner wanting someone to take away the hassle of technology, I recommend Holston IT!

Gary Kiser
Kiser Furniture
Abingdon VA

"Prompt Service from an Amazing Group of Geeks!"


Holston IT has provided our IT support since 2012. Their team members have excellent technical skills and easily solve any network problems we have. Not only that, they are prompt and polite. Finding that combination of a great geek who is also professional is rare.

My data is critically important to my business operations—I must be able to view and analyze my patients’ current and previous test results. One day something went awry and I was unable to view my XRays. Someone from Holston IT drove all the way to Norton on very short notice to fix it—just so that I could be up and running as soon as possible.

Holston IT has managed many important projects for us. They set up a new server and created a backup system for our huge amount of data. They also moved all our network equipment to our new location. Besides these projects, Holston IT provides ongoing services: they monitor our network 24/7 to maximize our security and efficiency.

Logan has been absolutely terrific in keeping us up and running. He is always so responsive whenever we need him and is quite willing to make the long drive to Norton when necessary. He is so knowledgeable and can easily communicate with the developer of my PACS system. He speaks their language and yet can explain things on my level as well.

Information Technology is critical to any business today, especially medical practices. I confidently recommend Holston IT to any other small business owners—they take the hassle out of IT so that we can focus on serving our patients!

Dr. Kathleen DePonte
Diagnostic Imaging Associates, P.C.
Norton, VA

"5 Stars All the Way”


First Class! Fast response times with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Holston IT can customize any platform specific to your needs, and keep things running smoothly—with integrity and dependability. I highly recommend Holston IT for anything IT related (individual or business).

Top Notch Technicians (Andy, A.J., Logan) and Alison/Tim provide white-glove service. 5 Stars All The Way.

Beau Blackmon

“Protection from hacking and prompt response”

Protection from hacking and prompt response

Brandon Snodgrass, Owner/Operator,
Snodgrass Law Firm

“I trust Holston IT wholeheartedly”

I need cybersecurity to protect my network from hacking. I need cybersecurity to ensure client’s sensitive data is not breached. I don’t have the knowledge to perform these tasks. Even assuming I did, I don’t have the time as it would not be cost effective for me to do this. I need to be practicing law and not have to worry that my system and its data is at risk for being compromised.

I trust Holston IT wholeheartedly. I have zero issue with their services rendered and cost associated.

Their staff is top notch. I have prompt response on any tech support issue I have. Every member of the team I have dealt has done exactly what they said they would in a timely manner and for a fair and reasonable price. Read More

"Technology That Helps Me Reach My Business Goals"

“Absolutely the Best!”

The number one benefit of working with Holston IT is peace of mind. I know that the system is going to work and that my data is secure. My business is not interrupted with downtime, and I don’t have to spend time or energy figuring out all of the technology. I just trust Holston IT instead—and that is saying something, because I don’t trust just anyone. I have high standards, but the quality of the people on the Holston IT team meets those standards: they’re geniuses when it comes to technology, they’re honest, they respond right away, and they’re even polite. Read more

Bill Siegler
Pelican Financial Group

"Holston IT has excellent response time, fair pricing, and a highly competent team."

“Absolutely the Best!”

Holston IT has excellent response time, fair pricing, and a highly competent team. Holston IT is our go-to company when our CIO is out of town; they have also worked alongside our CIO to help him implement projects. We are very pleased with the service we receive from Holston IT!

Sherri Beasley
East TN Brain & Spine

“Trustworthy, Fast, and Competent”

Mary Markland, EA, CPA(Virginia), Owner
The Markland Group

“Since 2009, Holston IT has given us outstanding, fast service!”

Holston IT is, by far, the most competent and the most responsive IT vendor I’ve dealt with. The reason that I switched to Holston IT, and continue to stay with them, is the confidence I have—originally, this confidence was just in Tim. Now, it has extended to the team he has put together.

I have high standards for my own business, and for any company connected to mine. Holston IT is such a company. I am happy to have them by my side, enabling me to better serve my clients.

Let Holston IT manage your network, so that you can focus on doing what only you can do: serve your clients and manage your business. Read More

“I have been a Holston IT client since 2011 and have been very pleased with their service.”

I have been a Holston IT client since 2011 and have been very pleased with their service. Everyone on the Holston IT team conducts themselves in a professional manner. They don't leave until all the work is done and everything is working correctly. Thanks to their expertise, everything runs smoothly without any glitches.

When I have purchased new computers and equipment in the past, Holston IT has helped me find the best value products to suit my specifications. I also trust Holston IT to monitor my computers and keep them secure.

I am a busy optician and don’t have time to manage technology. I am happy to let Holston IT manage that stress so that I can focus on serving my patients and running my business. They have given me years of reliable service, and I highly recommend them to other business owners!

Dana Smith
Virginia Eyecare Clinic

“Hassle-Free IT Support”

Wesley J. Harris, MD, Partner
Bristol Gynecology & Obstetrics

“Thanks to Holston IT, we never experience downtime, and we know our patient data is secure!”

We first formed a partnership with Holston IT about a decade ago. Holston IT has kept us up and running consistently; we have never had downtime.

The high quality of service from everyone on the Holston IT team is remarkable.

Their response time is somewhere between right away and very fast. They have always had someone available to help us when we had an urgent need, and their service is prompt even for non-urgent needs.

I understand many complex issues and take great delight in my decades of service welcoming babies into the world and taking care of women’s health needs. But I don’t understand the complexities of cybersecurity, and I don’t need to do so. I know that Holston IT has me covered in that regard. Read More

“Holston IT is laser-focused on increasing our efficiency and reducing our cost”

Jeff Sneed, President,
Gilley, McCready, & Sneed Insurance

“Holston IT increases our security and productivity!”

We have had a number of great ideas from Holston IT; their team is laser-focused on increasing our efficiency and reducing our cost.

Like any small business, we have unique IT needs. It didn’t take long for us to see that working with Holston IT would increase both our automation and security.

In our business, we determine client’s risks and then transfer those risks over to insurance companies. In a similar way, I really feel like we have transferred risk over to Holston IT. Holston IT has effectively taken the risks of security and avoiding network downtime from us. So, now I don’t’ have to worry about it.

I would highly recommend Holston IT. If we have a need, they respond immediately. They’ve taken the worry and the risk away from us, freeing us to focus on taking care of our customers. Read More

“They take all the hassle out of our network so that we are free to focus on serving our clients”

They take all the hassle out of our network so that we are free to focus on serving our clients

Devereux Rice, Owner / Manager,
Evergreen Title and Closing

“The service that everyone on the Holston IT team provides is excellent.”

The service that everyone on the Holston IT team provides is excellent. Recently, their team significantly upgraded our business by moving our database onto a dedicated server. That process went smoothly and cleanly.

I have complete faith in Holston IT to take care of our computers and network. They protect our systems through an ongoing security agreement. The remote access they configured enables them to respond to our problems at once. The way they access our network is very transparent, I never have any concerns.

If we ever have an issue, Holston IT responds immediately. Logan, in particular, does a great job taking care of us.

I confidently recommend Holston IT to any business wanting to increase the speed and security of their information technology. They take all the hassle out of our network so that we are free to focus on serving our clients.

“Their team is polite, prompt, and very proficient”

I can focus on running our business because I am looking to Holston IT to keep our network secure and efficient!

Debra Kennedy,
Prestige Homes

“I can focus on running our business because I am looking to Holston IT to keep our network secure and efficient!”

The Holston IT team is so knowledgeable about all things IT, and so patient in explaining our options to us. We have a lot of specific IT requirements, and Holston IT has helped us make wise business decisions regarding that. They have helped improve our WiFi, and addressed many other issues.

Their team is polite, prompt, and very proficient. They are truly IT gurus! I love the fact that now I don’t have to think about our computer network — I can focus on running our business because I am looking to Holston IT to keep our network secure and efficient!

“Holston IT has been our go-to source for our IT needs since 2010”

Holston IT has been our go-to source for our IT needs since 2010

Jeff Burnette,
Burnette Insurance Agency

“If you have computer service needs, I recommend that you call Holston IT!”

Holston IT has been our go-to source for our IT needs since 2010. Any time I call, they take care of our needs promptly. Our computers are essential to the operation of our business; we can't afford downtime. Thankfully, I'm not worried about this because we have a competent, reliable team of people standing ready to help us. If you have computer service needs, I recommend that you call Holston IT!

Burnette Insurance Agency

“0% Downtime and Reliable Backups!”

0% Downtime and Reliable Backups!

Mark Goodman, Owner,
Goodman Jewelers

“Holston IT is hassle-free: our data is secure, and our computers just work!”

Holston IT stands out from our previous IT provider for two reasons. First, their technicians are superior. Whichever one of them comes, we know we are getting a friendly, competent person who can fix it fast.

Second, they simply take away all of our IT stress. Before working with Holston IT, I was the one who had to monitor our network and make sure our vendor was getting things done—that was their business model: for me to be the checkpoint. Holston IT works differently: they monitor everything, taking all the hassle out of IT and freeing my time to focus on my business.

So many aspects of our day-to-day work are dependent on technology. Emailing, for example, has enabled us to serve far-away clients whom we may never meet. Fast computers and reliable backups are critical components to our business. Thanks to our partnership with Holston IT, we are never down, they fix any technical problems lightning-fast, and we can focus on providing superior, beautiful creations to our clients. Read More

“A Faster, More Secure Network”

Strategy: Moving Forward

Dr. Morgan Lorio, former President
Neuro-Spine Solutions

“Our network is more secure and more reliable, thanks to Holston IT!”

We have been very happy with all of our interactions with the Holston IT team. They have outstanding technical skills; they are professional, friendly, and prompt.

Time is money, and the increased uptime we’ve experienced thanks to their work has been a huge benefit to us. We’re getting things done instead of sitting around waiting for things to be fixed.

Regarding HIPAA compliance, Holston IT led us in a risk assessment and guided us through policy documentation. All of this protects our practice, and, what’s more, we now have peace of mind regarding the security and integrity of our patients’ confidential information.

If you are looking for a competent, trustworthy team to manage your network so you can be free to focus on running your business, I highly recommend that you call Holston IT! Read More

“Holston IT has helped Decrease our Costs and Increase our Security!”

Strategy: Moving Forward

Dave Manahan, Corporate IT Manager,

“Tim Meredith’s expertise in security and virtualization is exactly what we needed!”

We called Holston IT back in 2010 because we were short-handed. We had considered hiring someone, but could not find the level of expertise we needed.

Tim’s server virtualization experience is outstanding. With his leadership, the footprint in our data center has decreased significantly. By having fewer physical servers our cooling requirements were reduced which meant an immediate savings in electrical consumption.

Tim has also worked with us in network design and security. His experience has helped us implement an efficient and cost effective network infrastructure. Tim and Holston IT provided the consulting we needed and saved us the cost of hiring someone full-time with that expertise.

If I were to describe Holston IT, I would say technically astute with great people skills. They are reliable, friendly, and trustworthy. If you consider Information Technology to be a critical part of your business process, then I would definitely recommend Tim and his team at Holston IT. Read More

“Strategy: Moving Forward”

Strategy: Moving Forward

Chris Bowen, Owner,
Cumberland Marketing

“Holston IT keeps our network running smoothly, freeing us to focus on serving our clients.”

Before working with Holston IT, there was no forward thinking regarding the support of our network. The people who worked on our computers were flying by the seat of their pants, putting out fires all the time. That is the complete antithesis of the way our network is managed now. The approach Holston IT has taken is innovative: they created a culture of no problems. The Holston IT team worked to get our system to the point of operation where there were no breakdowns, and since then they’ve been working to maintain that status. We are more efficient in our operations, and there is less downtime.

I love the fact that Holston IT is constantly monitoring our network. They catch and fix small problems before we’ve even noticed them. In the business equation, the value of that is priceless.

The biggest benefit Holston IT brings to Cumberland Marketing is their strategy: I call it a “moving forward strategy.” They are putting thought into how to have us up and operating efficiently. If you are a business owner who recognizes that your information technology is an investment that can increase your productivity and profits, then I recommend Holston IT to you. Read More

“Lightning-Fast Response and a 24% Reduction in Cost!”

“Lightning-Fast Response and a 24% Reduction in Cost!”

Doris Stickley, Marketing Director,
Bristol Public Library

"Holston IT responds either immediately or in just a few minutes--they fix it FAST!"

We started working with Holston IT in January, and their support has been fantastic since day one. First, the cost of our agreement with Holston IT is 24% less than what we were paying a full time employee. That is real money we can now use elsewhere.

Second, the collaborative effect of working with a group of geeks is priceless. I have had the privilege of working with every member of the Holston IT team. They are always professional, very personable, and of course exceptionally skilled in all things IT.

I can emphatically say that Holston IT has given us a much broader coverage than an employee could. Someone on the Holston IT team is available for all of the 60 hours per week that we are open—and the company does not go on vacation like an employee would. When we call Holston IT, their response is either immediate or just a few minutes. They are lightning fast.

If you are considering outsourcing your IT support, sit down and talk with Tim and Alison. You won’t find anyone more competent, more professional, or more helpful. Read More

"We’ve had ZERO downtime!"

“We’ve had ZERO downtime!”

Pam Phillips, General Manager,
Tri-City Aviation

“Since working with Holston IT, we have had zero downtime in our computer network!”

I see our computers as an investment more than as a cost. When our computers work, our day-to-day business flows more smoothly. The lifeline of our business, as far as record-keeping, is our computer network. Our maintenance records, accounting data, fuel sales, and detailed information on each aircraft are stored on our network. We have to be able to access that data, and our team has to be able to connect with each other. Holston IT is our partner, enabling us to have that smooth flow of business which is so essential. I’m secure and I know that the system is now secure and dependable. I know that if there are any problems, I can always call and Holston IT will take care of them quickly. Sometimes in life you feel like opportunities choose you, instead of the other way around. That’s how I feel about being the owner and manager here at Tri-City Aviation. My dad started this business in 1969, so I just grew up here around the airplanes. This is my life, and I love it. Dad did all the hard work to build the business; so I won’t take credit for that. But I will say that since I became manager, we’ve kept the tradition he started of providing superior service to our customers. Holston IT is a trusted business partner: since working with them, our network has had ZERO downtime. That’s fantastic! I confidently recommend their services to other business owners. Read More

"We Cut Over 67% of Our IT Costs!"

“We Cut Over 67% of Our IT Costs!”

Harland Simpson M.D., Owner,
Simpson Clinic

“Holston IT costs us less than a third of what our in-house IT manager cost, and they manage our network more proficiently.”

There are several benefits to outsourcing our IT support. First, the cost benefit: we pay Holston IT a third of what we were paying to have a full-time employee manage our network. But really we are saving even more: we save on payroll taxes and worker’s comp. Second, Holston IT is never sick and doesn’t go on vacation. If we are open, they are open. Finally, the expertise of the Holston IT team members is beyond what we could afford to hire. When they audited our network, they discovered several major security holes that our in-house manager had missed. Those problems are now fixed, and we know that our network is secure. When our copier or computers aren’t working, the flow of our patients is disrupted and we start losing money. Holston IT understands that our network is business-critical: when we have a problem they fix it fast. They remote in or drive over here; we have been thrilled with their response time. Also, and more importantly, they resolve our problems. If they don’t known a solution right away, they are honest and tell us that—they aren’t cocky. Then they immediately start researching the new problem, and they figure it out, quickly, every time. If you are a business owner wanting to leverage your information technology to actually save you money and keep your business moving, I recommend Holston IT! Read More

"We Trust Holston IT!"

“We Trust Holston IT!”

Brenden Webb, DDS, Co-owner,
Webb Dentistry

“Holston IT takes care of our network, so that we can focus on taking care of our patients!”

Before working with Holston IT, I did much of our network support myself. But now, I just don’t have the time. Even if I could fix our computers, it takes me 3 or 4 times as long. Andy can fix it in 30 seconds whereas it might take me an hour. My time is better spent being a dentist than being an IT Technician. Our network is priceless. We depend on it to view patients’ radiographs on the front end, and to create invoices and submit insurance on the backend. In other words, without our computers, we can’t treat patients and we can’t get paid either. If we have a computer issue, someone from the Holston IT team is here within a couple of hours or sooner. They fix it and they fix it fast. We let Holston IT take care of our network, so that we are free to focus on taking care of our patients. Read More

"A Business Partner Providing Stability and Efficiency"

“A Business Partner Providing Stability and Efficiency”

Richard Venable, CEO,
NETWORKS-Sullivan Partnership

“I was resistant to a monthly contract, but now I see great value in Holston IT working proactively to optimize the efficiency of our computers.”

We’ve been working with Holston IT for over four years now. When I think about what they have given us, I keep coming back to one word: stability. We didn’t have that before we found Holston IT. If something broke, we had the insecurity of asking each other, “Who should we call?” We don’t have that problem any more. We call Holston IT, and we never have to wait long for someone to analyze the problem and correct it. They fix it and we’re back to work. The stability this gives us – it is an absolutely positive effect on our operations. Whether we need to purchase new equipment and software, or we just need to seek ways to make our current network more efficient, they are on top of things. If we are antiquated in any way, I’ll hear Andy or Logan say, “Let me see if we can improve this.” I can ask them anything! For those of us that are technologically challenged, that’s an immeasurable benefit. Read more

"Holston IT Saved the Day in Five Minutes"

“Holston IT Saved the Day in Five Minutes”

We called Holston IT because our network was completely down—and when that happens, our business stands still. We’d tried someone else but had not had good luck with them; they told us we needed to make an expensive hardware replacement. We decided we needed a second opinion. Holston IT showed up and five minutes later, literally five minutes later, they had our network up and running fine. And we didn’t need new hardware. They fixed it fast and they fixed it right the first time. Another time, we had an issue with a lightning strike that did require us to get a new computer. But even then, their timing was very fast. They let us borrow a computer; they worked to transfer all of our data so that our transition was seamless. We were fully operational with our new machine in just 48 hours. Read more

Elmer Bare
Pit Row Market

Proactive Maintenance Cuts Our Service Calls in Half

Proactive Maintenance Cuts Our Service Calls in Half

About fifteen months ago, we signed a Core Maintenance agreement. This enables Holston IT to work proactively to prevent problems. Our downtime has decreased dramatically since this agreement began: Our service calls to Holston IT have been cut in half. Now they are fixing problems before I even notice them, with the Core Maintenance daily monitoring and monthly visits. We are a busy medical office with four doctors and many supporting staff. We count on our computers to help us work efficiently, and we count on Holston IT to keep our computers working. We are very pleased with their service. Everything is taken care of—I feel spoiled!

Dawn Moore
Medical Practice Manager
Bristol Gynecology & Obstetrics, PC

"We’re Not a Big Business; We Need Holston IT!"

“We’re Not a Big Business; We Need Holston IT!”

We’re not a big business and we have a tremendous amount of work to do with very limited manpower. Holston IT is instrumental in our ongoing process of incorporating new and proven technologies to work smarter, not just harder.

Jim Crump
Buddy Crump Insurance Agency, Bristol, TN

"Don’t Be Elvis!"

“Don’t Be Elvis!”

Holston IT is like modern-day magic. Every time I have a problem, I call and it gets fixed. Trusting them with our computers and networks is a no-brainer; they do a great job. What did we do before Holston IT? We suffered. Actually, we had a guy who helped us some on the side; he was nice but he was busy. We realized we needed full-time support, and we found that with Holston IT. Holston IT is a lifesaver. Without them, I think I’d be Elvis and shoot the screen.

Renee P. Mason, D.P.M.
Abingdon Foot & Ankle Clinic

"Not a Cost. An Investment in our Productivity"

“Not a Cost. An Investment in our Productivity”

Holston IT is always Johnny-on-the-Spot. That’s critical, because our whole day’s work relies on our computers—they must be operational. Paying Holston IT is not a cost, it’s an investment. You’ve got to think, “Where do you want to put your money?” No matter how smart and efficient you are, you will never crunch data better than a computer. Letting the computer crunch the numbers stats leaves you more time to make decisions and implement. “When I see someone from Holston IT walk in our door, I know that the expert has arrived. They know exactly what’s happening with new technology and how that can help us. I don’t have to think about it; I know they’ll just take care of everything so we can fly. “We have many happy clients not only in Bristol but al l across the state of Tennessee. Through their remote service, Holston IT keeps over 120 computers maintained for the 8 offices statewide. When you add a new location, you wonder, “Whom can I trust?” But finding the security and trustworthiness we need is already checked off our list. We just stay with Holston IT—they are absolutely fantastic!

Mary Ragan
Aid & Assist at Home

"An Essential Part of our Business Success!"

“An Essential Part of our Business Success!”

We’ve been the top producing agency in Southwest Virginia for over 7 years. Over 75% of our leads come through our webpage, so—needless to say—our computers are an essential part of our business success. Unexpected downtime quickly translates into lost revenue. Reliable computer support is a key to our business success. I can rely on both the competence and the integrity of the Holston IT team. We are thrilled with the excellence of their service!

Kathleen Brown
Principal Broker
Highlands Realty

"Reliable, Knowledgeable, and Friendly"

“Reliable, Knowledgeable, and Friendly”

The Holston IT team resolves any computer issue we have. When something breaks, we call Holston IT. They are prompt, friendly, and professional. I especially appreciate their phone support! If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, friendly group of people to address your information technology needs, we absolutely recommend Holston IT.

Michelle Repass
Practice Manager
Mountain Region Family Medicine

"Quick, Trustworthy, and Professional."

“Quick, Trustworthy, and Professional”

In 2011, Abingdon Radiology got a letter from Holston IT about a free network checkup. I faxed back the enclosed form and by the end of the day we had a free network checkup scheduled for the following week.

When the technician came, he was very professional. He listened to us and helped us with our issues. We’ve been Holston IT clients ever since then, and have had many such positive experiences. We rely on Holston IT to help us comply with HIPAA, to make sure our network is secure, and to keep our patient data safe.

The Holston IT Team is quick to respond, trustworthy, and professionally competent. We highly recommend them to other businesses!

Connie May
Abingdon Radiology Services, Ltd.

"I Can See More Patients, And See Them Faster"

“I Can See More Patients, And See Them Faster”

I’ve had situations where I had to wait several minutes to get a patient’s information pulled up onto my screen. Of course this dramatically affects our bottom line: waiting for a computer a few minutes here and there quickly adds up to significant lost time when I could have been serving more patients. Holston IT understands this reality that all medical practices face: we need to decrease or eliminate any time that’s preventing me from seeing patients. Thanks to what Holston IT has done, I can log into our network in just a few seconds now. My computer systems are no longer causing delays. I can see more patients and see them faster. The Holston IT team shows up on time and does a great job of addressing our Information Technology needs. I highly recommend their services!

Shannan Finch
Finch Family Medical Care

"Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks!"

Todd Peak, Owner
Lighthouse Supply

Technology is essential to our day-to-day operations. We all rely on electronic files, which must be accurate and updated in real time. For us, this includes inventory records, customer information, vendor information, and databases which support to our online store.
Before we started working with Holston IT, our computers were a frequent cause of frustration. When our technology wasn’t working, we’d ask, “How do we get this fixed? Can we just band-aid things together so that they get working?” Needless to say, this approach was not effective.
Once we started working with Holston IT, everything changed. Now, a simple phone call is all it takes to get issues addressed. Holston IT provides us with two essentials: maintenance and security. I am confident that they will keep everything up and running efficiently, and that our confidential information is secured. Technology is no longer a frustrating distraction but is instead a tool to increase productivity and help us grow our business.
I like to think I am tech-savvy, but when I watch one of their engineers fly through something on my computer, I am reminded that there is much I don’t know. But that’s OK, because technology is not our specialty. We delegate those concerns to Holston IT.
I only have so many hours in a day, and my work as a business owner is never done. I intentionally choose to outsource some responsibilities to others, so that I can focus on using my own strengths. Information Technology is on that list: cybersecurity is simply changing too fast for us to try and handle it in-house. We need a team of experts, and I’ve found that with Holston IT.
All successful business relationships are built on trust. As a customer, I need to see the same mindset from our vendors. I have found that in Holston IT: integrity, honesty, and consistently excellent service. If you are a busy business owner looking to our source your technology headache, call Holston IT! Read more