In July of 2019,  Holston IT acquired Garner IT.

We are currently operating under the name “Holston and Garner IT.”

Who Will Give Me Onsite Support?

The Holston IT team, with clients local to Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, and Knoxville, is still the same team, still operating out of our Bristol TN office, and we are here to stay!  We are still laser-focused on offering great onsite support to our local clients.

The Garner IT team, with clients in and around the Florida panhandle, is also still the same team, operating out of their Panama City FL office.  They are still laser-focused on offering great onsite support to our Florida clients.

Who Will Give Me Remote Support?

When remote support is needed, either for Holston IT clients or Garner IT clients, you may receive that support from either office.   But, don’t worry—when onsite support is needed, you will still see the same familiar faces.

What’s the bottom line for me, as a Holston IT client?
The excellent support you have received from us will continue and improve. Our teams are a great match, and as we grow together into one team we are experiencing synergy.

What is “Synergy?”

In organizational development lingo, Synergy means that “1 plus 1 is greater than 2.”

Translated that means, “When the Holston IT and Garner IT combine our strengths, we can provide better client service than either team could independently produce on its own.”

Are Tim and Alison going anywhere?

No.  We are still the owners.

What about Logan?  And the rest of the amazing Bristol team?

We’re all still here, and now we have several amazing new members of our team, thanks to our merger with Garner IT.

Where Can I Learn More about Holston and Garner IT?

You can learn about our Bristol and Knoxville team members by clicking all around this webpage.

You can learn about our Florida team members by clicking here.