What do you do?

We provide computer and networking services.   Our primary focus is serving small businesses such as the ones quoted here.   Residential computers are fixed by appointment only. Our primary work is managing all of the IT needs of small businesses.   We take all the hassle out of technology so that small business owners can focus on serving their own clients.

Do you sell hardware?

We do sell hardware but we do not keep inventory to sell as items. We focus on business grade equipment. If you need computer related hardware only we suggest Shields, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Office Depot, Amazon, or Newegg.

We do sell computers, laptops, and servers from Dell. All systems that we sell are made from business grade materials, have a professional version operating system, and come with a 3 year next business day warranty. This makes systems we sell more expensive than consumer grade computers.

What are your hours?

We service businesses around the clock. Our primary work involves going onsite to other businesses; we do that at all hours.

If you want to come visit us at our store, you can do that T-F 9 to 5, or by appointment at other times.

Where are you located?

We are located at 740 Volunteer Parkway Suite 2 in the same strip mall as Papa John’s.

What are your prices for serving businesses?

Our standard onsite rate is $115/hour with a one hour minimum. We do everything IT related that a business would need. We have monthly service plans which are more cost-effective than paying our hourly rate. Contact us for more information!

What do you charge to fix computers which are brought to your store at 740 Volunteer Parkway Suite 2?

Our diagnostic fee is $53 and we waive that if any repairs are also done in the store. Virus removal and optimization is $158; this includes one year of commercial anti-virus. A complete wipe and rebuild is $258 and also comes with one year of commercial grade anti-virus. In some cases a virus can be removed without damaging Windows and in other cases a computer must be wiped and rebuilt. A tech will make that decision and call you first. A laptop repair is $115 plus parts. Most laptop screens cost $40 to $60. We cannot tell the screen type from model number. It has to be brought in and ordered. The same model can have different screens. It can take up to 2 business days to diagnose a problem and up to 3 business days from a diagnosis to a repair.

The Best Geeks in our Region are ready to zoom to your office and take away your IT Stress!

“They Take All the Hassle Out Of Our Network!”

The service that everyone on the Holston IT team provides is excellent. Recently, their team significantly upgraded our business by moving our database onto a dedicated server. That process went smoothly and cleanly.

I have complete faith in Holston IT to take care of our computers and network. They protect our systems through an ongoing security agreement. The remote access they configured enables them to respond to our problems at once. The way they access our network is very transparent, I never have any concerns.

If we ever have an issue, Holston IT responds immediately. Logan, in particular, does a great job taking care of us.

I confidently recommend Holston IT to any business wanting to increase the speed and security of their information technology. They take all the hassle out of our network so that we are free to focus on serving our clients.

— Owner, title and closing business in NE Tennessee