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Defining the Dark Web

Another round of Tech Terms in plain English!  People love throwing around the concept of "the dark web". But have you ever wondered, "What on earth IS the dark web?" Guess what? Today's your lucky day!  Naked Security recently published ...

Tech Tip & A Story: Why use BCC

Last month the City of Los Angeles made a major blunder when an employee sent a mass email notifying recipients of the results of a COVID 19 test and put ALL the recipients' email addresses in the "To" column instead ...

What is Social Engineering?

What is social engineering? If you ask your 8-year-old, he might explain a social engineer as a really friendly ...

Don't Fall for Online Puppy Scams!

  Social distancing is leading many of us to consider getting a new pet. And why not? If you have time ...

War Room Planning for Crisis Response Webinar

Change this setting TODAY on your Zoom account!

Zoom released a new security feature April 18th--take action! Do you want data (ie, audio, video, screen shares) from your online meetings to be routed through countries whose governments can access that data? Watch this quick video to learn how ...

Crisis Resources

Tips for working productively and securely from home ...

Working Securely & Productively From Home

Essential Security Habits When Using Zoom

If you are using Zoom, you need to know these essential security habits: DO use a password—this is now the default setting when you ...

How to Prevent Zoom-Bombing

  Hackers have noticed: The number of people now using Zoom for digital meetings has skyrocketed.     Here at ...

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