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“How Do I Protect My Data?” Start with These Simple Steps:

 Figure out what data you have and where it’s located.   This is obvious, but it makes the list because a surprising number of businesses don’t realize where all their data is located. 

What Is Serving Orphans Worldwide?


Shiny New Gadget of the Month: TC1200 Flashlight

Can anything new be done with an electric torch?  We’ve forgotten, but “electric torch” was the given name of flashlights when they were a new invention. Now they are old hat, right? No longer a  news item. 

What Do Orphans And The Dark Web Have In Common?


Protect Kids

Parents! Please click here to read our free report about protecting your kids! holstonit.com/protectkids

What You Didn't Know About The Dark Web


Alison's Book Makes Amazon #1 Best Seller!

Look at that sticker that says "#1"! Wow! Our aim to hit best seller status in multiple categories has worked! Thank you ...

Improve Your Facebook Security: Use This Checklist

The default settings on Facebook assume you want to share everything with everyone. What, that’s not you? Then you need ...

What’s the Difference between Consumer and Business-Grade Firewalls?

“Isn’t a consumer-grade firewall from Best Buy good enough for my business?” We get this question several times per year (sometimes ...

Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks!

  Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks! Technology is essential to our day-to-day operations. We all rely on electronic files, which must be accurate and updated in real time. For us, this includes inventory records, customer ...

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