Holston IT takes all the hassle out of your Information Technology, so that our clients can focus on running their own businesses. This document is a pledge to our clients, a written guarantee that we will ensure the continual delivery of superior technical support while simultaneously providing industry-leading customer satisfaction and service.

You have the right to expect and demand complete satisfaction from the information technology and technical services you receive from Holston IT. We pledge to deliver exemplary service, on-time and within your budget.

You have the right to individual attention and dedication, fast. We pledge to acknowledge your request within one business hour, and to fix your problems quickly. For monthly contract clients who have a critical problem (an issue preventing someone from working), we pledge to dispatch a technician to your office ASAP, but absolutely no later than 4 business hours after the work is requested.

You have the right to get answers to your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH. We pledge to recommend options for accomplishing your objectives and will answer your questions in terms that you can understand.

You have the right to expect Holston IT to sustain the highest levels of personal accountability, professional commitment, and employee empowerment in your every interaction with our organization. We pledge to treat you with the utmost levels of courtesy, responsiveness, integrity, and respect. We pledge to ensure that your relationship with us is a pleasant and cooperative experience.

You have the right to expect us to lead the way in fostering and implementing innovation and creativity in our service offerings through an unyielding commitment to providing the best technology and services possible. We pledge to provide exceptional technology for your business as well as the best technical talent to manage it.

You have the right to understand every aspect of our business policies and support procedures. We pledge to make it easy for you to communicate with our staff, and easy to receive answers to any questions you have.

You have the right to receive the best value in computer and network support services in return for placing your trust with us and giving your business to us. We pledge to explain all of the costs up front so that there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

You have the right to have us attend to the details of each issue, question, and request you have. We pledge to listen respectfully to your concerns, and then to create a solution that adequately addresses every detail.

You have the right to a single company you can contact for all your technical issues or concerns. We pledge to help with any IT related issue in your business, including any technology vendors you have, effectively giving you “one throat to choke.” Ask us, and we’ll either fix it or figure out how to get the proper vendor to fix it.

Our goal is to provide superior service, so that Information Technology becomes a leverage to increase efficiency and increase profits rather than “just a cost.” This creates a “benefit loop” for us and our clients. Consistently serving our clients with excellence motivates them to refer us to other growth-minded business leaders, who become new clients. As we grow, we can invest more in our own people, processes, and technology, enabling us to continually improve our service to all our clients. The establishment of this Client Bill of Rights solidifies our commitment to putting Superior Client Service at the top of our priority list, day after day.