Would you like this team to work on your network?

Tim Meredith

Owner, Computer Engineer

Tim Meredith is the founder and lead computer engineer of Holston IT. He has both Network+ and A+ Certifications from CompTIA, and he is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. His two decades of experience includes working at Razorfish, where he managed the Windows deployments for 18 offices worldwide.

Alison Meredith

Owner, Marketing Director

Alison Meredith is our Marketing Director. She enjoys translating the technical jargon of all these geeks into language that the rest of us can understand.

Randall Garner

Computer Engineer

Randall is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer as well as a CompTIA Certified Expert in Computer Security, approved by the Department of Defense. He has over two decades of experience in supporting Information Technology.

Jeff IMG_9608

Jeff Delmar

Computer Engineer

Jeff has been professionally involved in IT since 2002. He has extensive experience as an IT consultant, network and systems engineer and systems security specialist. Throughout his career, he has gained a great deal of knowledge related to information technology.

Logan best 2017.04

Logan Perry

Senior Engineer

Logan Perry has been diagnosing and fixing people’s technology problems for over fifteen years. His expertise includes working with both Mac and Windows-based systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Certified Help Desk Support Agent, and an A+ CompTIA Certified Technician.

Andy Mitchell

Senior Engineer

Andy Mitchell has a high level of specialist areas, focusing on building and repairing computers, troubleshooting network problems, and finding affordable solutions. He has over eleven years of experience supporting information technology.

AJ Lyall

Senior Engineer

AJ has been working on computers for over 10 years. He takes care of remote support for our clients, manages our in-shop work, and directs the team of students on our team

Randy Serena

Senior Engineer

Randy Serena is a Microsoft Technology Associate with A+ Certification and over 16 years of experience. He provides senior level technical support to our amazing clients.

Bridgette Dingus

Computer Technician

Bridgette holds AAS degrees from Northeast State in PC Management and Information Technology. She assists our senior technicians onsite and in our storefront.

Christy 1

Christy Correll

Account Specialist

Christy Correll has a wealth of experience working in small businesses over the past two decades.  She holds a BS in Mathematics from Furman and has many skills in management, HIPAA compliance, and accounting.   Christy helps with client communications and keeping us all organized.

Josh Waldecker

Computer Technician

Josh serves our clients both onsite and in our store. He has over 4 years of experience and holds an AAS from Norheast State in Computer Information Systems, Networking.

Doug Zinn

Computer Technician

Doug manages our in-office work, including residential as well as business computers. He is the first person you see when you walk through the door. He has over 4 years of experience in information technology.

Peter IMG_9620

Peter Meredith

Computer Technician

Peter has been helping his dad fix computers since he was old enough to hold a screwdriver. We’re happy to now have him officially on the Holston IT team.

“Hassle-Free IT Support”

Wesley J. Harris, MD

“We first formed a partnership with Holston IT about a decade ago. Holston IT has kept us up and running consistently; we have never had downtime.

The high quality of service from everyone on the Holston IT team is remarkable.

Their response time is somewhere between right away and very fast. They have always had someone available to help us when we had an urgent need, and their service is prompt even for non-urgent needs.

I understand many complex issues and take great delight in my decades of service welcoming babies into the world and taking care of women’s health needs. But I don’t understand the complexities of cybersecurity, and I don’t need to do so. I know that Holston IT has me covered in that regard.”

—Wesley J. Harris, MD, Partner, Bristol Gynecology & Obstetrics
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