In 2012, Holston IT sponsored The Flaming Phoenix team which competed at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. Here are a few pictures of our team in action:

The Flaming Phoenix, Team 2012 “Rise from the Ashes!” WINNER FIRST PLACE for Teamwork

Annie , Peter, and Tom study what’s happening on the practice table.


View of the whole table, with Sylvia, Annie, and Lydia working at the end.

Annie and Sylvia uploading the newest version of their program onto their robot (yes, last-minute editing is an integral part of competition day).

“Is this robot going to do what I told it to do?”

Katy works on a robot at the practice table.

Katy gives a Lego Lesson to 3-year-old Rob, a member of our team’s fan club.

T.Rex, the youngest member of the Flaming Phoenix Fan Club, kept everyone busy on competition day. He insisted on exploring every corner of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. Here, he is pausing to take a breath before beginning another climb up Mount Everest.

The Flaming Phoenix 2012
7 Team Members and 3 Coaches

Although this was her first year on the team, Lydia’s service as an assistant to her older siblings’ teams for the past three years made her seem like a pro.

Peter, showing off the team poster. During breaks, our team would occasionally run through the competition hall shouting their team spirit and hoisting their poster. Their team spirit sparked other teams to show more of their enthusiasm.

Sylvia is here modeling some of the many buttons that teams exchange with each other.

Daniel is showing off the hand symbol the team used for their group cheer.

Katy holds up the model of the hologram which was part of the Senior Solution created and recommended by The Flaming Phoenix team.

Nicholas takes a break at the practice table, carefully holding a robot in his lap.

Annie models her hair dyed red to show her Flaming Phoenix spirit.

Ruth has coached FIRST Lego League teams since they first came to Southweest Virginia. She graciously hosts the team practices in her home.

Isaac has been on three teams, including the 2011 team which won the regional event and competed at the state level. This year he helped coach and teach.

Harry Baya has coached Lego Robotics for years and holds firmly to the philosophy that the kids have to do it themselves. They have to learn from their mistakes and failures. Harry is the Instructional Technologist at Emory and Henry College.