Dorisby Doris Stickley, Marketing Director, Bristol Public Library

For a number of years, our technical support came from one of our own staff members who was actually a digital librarian but who had an extensive IT background. He was phenomenal. But in 2014 he left us to take another job. We were happy for him and also immediately focused on how to replace the essential support he had provided us.

We considered both individuals and companies. As with most non-profits, minimizing our cost was a primary goal. But we also asked questions about trustworthiness, competence, and response time. If we chose a company instead of a full-time employee, could a person get here quickly in a crisis? For non-crisis situations, would they patiently work with us step-by-step?

We chose Holston IT, and I am so glad we did. We started working with them in January, and their support has been fantastic since day one. First, the cost of our agreement with Holston IT is 24% less than what we were paying a full time employee. That is real money we can now use elsewhere.

Second, the collaborative effect of working with a group of geeks instead of just one is priceless. I have had the privilege of working with every member of the Holston IT team. They are always professional, very personable, and of course exceptionally skilled in all things IT. Each of them has valuable experiences and insights, and Tim, with his strong engineering background, is leading them. That creates a powerful effect. They put their heads together to figure out the best solutions for us.

We recently switched to an entirely new software system. A huge transition like that never happens without some glitches, and Holston IT was with us every step of the way. Frequently, 2 or 3 members of the Holston IT team were here at the same time, step-by-step making sure each computer was correctly migrated over to using the new software. They were committed to getting the job done quickly and thoroughly.

We are in the midst of a big renovation. Tim has consulted with the architects on many matters, such as whether there will be enough ports for people to plug in laptops. We could not have done that, but because of his engineering background, Tim really understood how to communicate with them on those issues. So the expert consulting aspect of their services to us is a huge benefit of working with Holston IT.

I can emphatically say that Holston IT has given us a much broader coverage than an employee could. Someone on the Holston IT team is available for all of the 60 hours per week that we are open—and the company does not go on vacation like an employee would. When we call Holston IT, their response is either immediate or just a few minutes. They are lightning fast. In fact I recently called them on a Saturday morning with an urgent issue—they took care of it.

If you are considering outsourcing your IT support, sit down and talk with Tim and Alison. Tell them what you need, and let the collaborative effort of their company create answers to those needs. You won’t find anyone more competent, more professional, or more helpful.


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