“We called Holston IT because our network was completely down—and when that happens, our business stands still. We’d tried someone else but had not had good luck with them; they told us we needed to make an expensive hardware replacement. We decided we needed a second opinion. Holston IT showed up and five minutes later, literally five minutes later, they had our network up and running fine. And we didn’t need new hardware. They fixed it fast and they fixed it right the first time.

Another time, we had an issue with a lightning strike that did require us to get a new computer. But even then, their timing was very fast. They let us borrow a computer; they worked to transfer all of our data so that our transition was seamless. We were fully operational with our new machine in just 48 hours.

The Holston IT team is the best computer support I’ve had in all my years of business. And I’ve been in business 55 years—of course, much of that was without computers. But now the way things work, we have to have our computers working in order to keep our business open—and we trust Holston IT to keep everything running smoothly. You are welcome to contact me or my son Ricky at pitrow@btes.tv. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Holston IT, and we highly recommend their services.”

--Elmer Bare, owner, Pit Row Market